Chombo is a children's village in Chirimba Township, Blantyre. Children between 3 and 16 years old grow up together in a village-like community in the housing units at Chombo Mission.

All children have no parents or relatives that can take care of them. Big or small, every child has a long history of suffering and has experienced sickness, death, poverty, abandonment and hunger. At the beginning of their Chombo stay, the children need medical attention and emotional support.

Chombo house mothers take care of the children in a Christian environment and provide day to day parental care. The younger children attend Chirimba Primary School. The older children attend secondary schools in different parts of Blantyre.

Chombo care includes:

Thanks to the volunteer work of Eduard und Ursula Wendland, as well as many sponsors in Malawi and Germany, Chombo Mission has been able to help Malawian children with a stable and permanent home.

Chombo Children's Home in Chirimba, Blantyre, Malawi

Chombo care

Chombo takes care of:
Basic needs (housing, food, clothes)

School education (school fees, school books, transport, school uniform),

Medical care (doctor and hospital fees, prevention e.g. against malaria),

Parental care, guidance, (Malawian house mothers, Christian principles, leadership, Malawian traditions).

About the founders

Chombo Children's Home was founded by Pastor Eduard and Ursula Wendland. Chombo Mission is registered as a church organization in Malawi. Chombo first opened its doors for children in 2005.

A stable home

The children's foster home in Chirimba, Blantyre aims to help Malawian orphans and destitutes on a long-term basis. The aim is to provide a permanent home, a stable environment, as well as a basic health care and food security.

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Chombo Mission

Long-term care

Chombo Mission

Stable and safe environment

Chombo supports children's education


Founded by Eduard and Ursula Wendland

Eduard Wendland commented: "I would like to thank all that have supported Chombo throughout the years. Special thanks to all Malawian and German friends that provided support in the concept and building phases of this project. My wish is that this project will make a difference in the lives of many Malawian children in the years to come."

Making a long-term difference

The aim is to provide a long-term home, a stable environment, basic health care and food security for abandoned children in Blantyre.

For Blantyre children

Chombo Mission was founded by Eduard and Ursula Wendland over 15 years ago. When the AIDS pandemic started to destroy family structures in Malawi in the 1980s and 1990s, the Wendlands felt the need to help affected Malawian children.

After his retirement as a pastor, Eduard Wendland supervised the construction of the housing facilities for Chombo Mission. Despite setbacks, personal illness and meager funding, he continued to work on the project, asking his personal friends for support and help.

Chombo Mission received approval from the Social Welfare Department of Blantyre District in May 2005. The Home opened its doors to receive the first children in June 2005.

The housing facilities at Chirimba in Blantyre provide a village-like home. The children are cared for by a team of Malawians, following Malawian culture.

In the past years, Chombo Children's Home has developed into a place of hope for abandoned and destitute children in Blantyre. Thankfully the number of AIDs orphans has decreased as better medication and treatment has become available.

Many Blantyre children face severe distress and violence. Chombo offers a place of solace for abandoned and destitute children from Blantyre.

Together with the Malawian management team, Ursula Wendland leads the administration and management of Chombo.

As the population of Blantyre continues to grow, there's a need for a safe place such as Chombo.

Currently about 37 children live at Chombo (April 2023).

Reaching out to the community with A-Meal-A-Day

Chombo helps children in Chirimba township by providing 1 healthy meal per day to children facing hunger because their parents and family cannot provide for them.

The children continue to stay with their families.

We currently have up to 10 children that join Chombo meal times from our immediate neighbourhood.

Providing school education (school fees, school books, transport, school uniform) for Chombo children

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